$1 Beer Garden Meals in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe…Insane Ox-Head, Offals, Fish and Okra Deals…

A plate of $1 (USD) in Pumula Old Beer Garden will get you the following served with Isitshwala/Sadza/Buhobe – Inhloko (Ox Head), Ezangaphakathi (Offals), Inhlansi (Fish), Idelele (Okra) or at times Umfushwa mixed with peanut butter (dried vegetables taken from the leaves of black-eyed beans). Four cooks operate their craft within this busy beer garden located on the western side of the City of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

Each cook within the beer garden offers their distinctive way of cooking and have different types of dishes. Some of the cooks have been cooking at this place for well over 10 years and have had the opportunity to meet up with people of different cultures. With a supply of their ingredients coming from the township of Pumula, the four cooks utilize this advantage to offer INSANE dishes at INCREDIBLY low prices….

As an option for serving sorghum beer known as Amasese/Umqombothi, beer gardens within the City of Bulawayo have several kitchens operated by people residing mostly in the communities where the gardens are located.

Special Thanks To Ingwebu Breweries: https://ingwebuzw.co.zw/

Shoot Location📍: Pumula Old, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe🇿🇼

$1 Meals🍽: Inhloko (Ox-head), Ezangaphakathi (Cow Offals), Idelele (Okra), Inhlanzi (Fish), Umfushwa (Dried Vegetables)…All with a serving of Isitshwala (Sadza/Hadza/Pap/Buhobe).

The 4 Cooks👩🏾‍🍳: N. Dube, S. Ncube, S. Moyo and R. Zulu.

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