15 Interesting Uses of the Marula Tree

Marula known also as Umganu, Mupfura, Tsua, Morula, Mng’ ongo, Mafula, Nkula and Ol-mangwai is a popular African tree distributed across many African countries. The leaves, stem bark, root and fruit are used extensively in food and traditional medicine. The leaves are consumed in the form of tea and offer several health benefits, whereas the bark is used to treat a wide range of ailments from diarrhoea to haemorrhoids. The tree’s drought resistance capabilities make it ideally suited to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This tree also holds several spiritual and religious uses across the continent. In this video, we get to explore the 15 interesting uses of this tree.

15 Uses Discussed in this Video:

1. Cures stomach aches and intestinal obstruction

2. Cooks Isitshwala/Sadza/Ugali as a test of intestinal obstruction

3. Taken with porridge as an additive

4. Taken with indigenous beer as a body strengthener

5. The burnt skin of the fruit is used as ash to cook Okra

6. The burnt skin of the fruit is used as ash to cure stomach aches

7. Seed kernels used to make oil (used on skin, hair, and body)

8. Seed kernel oil is used as a preservative of meat (Biltong)

9. Used as a condiment

10. Determines gender of an unborn baby (Selective cultures)

11. The tree attracts pollinators

12. Used to host Indaba (Community meetings)

13. Used for church gatherings (Selective denominations)

14. Used as a medium for communicating with one’s ancestors

15. The fruit makes Marula beer and liqueur known as Amarula

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