99 Hours in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe!

The beauty of Chimanimani, Zimbabwe is legendary. It’s the kind of scenery that makes you consider the meaning of perfection, our country’s magnificence, and life in general. One thing about travelling to Chimanimani across the Eastern Highlands – is that you won’t be spending a huge amount of time indoors. From exploring the famous Bridal Veil Falls, summiting the peak of Pork Pie Mountain, having Sadza and Huku yeChiNdau in Ngundu Township, mountain hiking in Chimanimani Mountain, and getting food lessons from the Ndau people near Peacock Business Centre – Chimanimani should definitely be in your next travelling destination. In this video, our guide Mr. Murime takes us through the culture, history, and scenery of this place, and our crew members tell us about how it feels to have travelled to this area. Here is what we did with 99 Hours in Chimanimani. Enjoy!


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