A Mind-Blowing Cultural Adventure in Zhilo, Esigodini!

Located on the western-side of Zimbabwe, Zhilo (the name is derived from a Nyubi word termed Ziwilo, which refers to something that is sacred) is one of the towns with a rainmaking shrine that is highly valued. Arriving at this place, one is quickly surrounded by the spiritual manifestations; the rocks, the scenery, the nature and the beautiful people of the area. Zhilo just like Matobo region has a very fine inland scenery, a fact that its community members try to reflect within their dance and songs. We get to attend the inaugural Giya Festival organized by Vuyane Experience and whilst in the midst of hearing Amahlwayi (Rattles) and Ingungu (Drum); we get to learn more about the history of the BaNyubi people who inhibited the area, and a grandmother who has a touch for making the best Umqombothi. Additionally, we get to taste an all-star cuisine prepared by Chef Nkosi from Sprinkles Caterers and meet an interesting man by the surname of Ncube.

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