A Taste of Ndau Food

The Ndau people are very rich in cultural heritage which cuts across several aspects of their way of life- including their attires, their language, their songs and also their food. The Ndau people have very healthy and delicious recipes that everyone enthusiastic about Zimbabwe and African cuisine can tap into. In this documentary which was shot in Chimanimani, Zimbabwe, we get to experience the scintillating taste of Koroni (Wheat), Guku (Blackjack), Mutikiti (Pumpkin Leaves), Uninga (Sesame Seeds), Huku yeChiNdau (roadrunner chicken), Karakuni (turkey) and Mungods (Finger Millet). Our guests further tell us about the use of Muhlaba (Wood-ash) through the Mupesepese tree and the importance of consuming Gusha (Okra). We also get to learn several cultural practices within this beautiful culture..

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