Umxhanxa is a seasonal dish that is commonly served in winter after the processing of harvesting has occurred (the months of June, July, August, and September). This dish comprises of one important ingredient that’s known as Ijodo (Melon) and there are 3 variations of serving of Umxhanxa:

1. Melon + Maize Kernels
2. Melon + Samp
3. Melon + Maize Kernels + Pumpkin

Option 1 is the common option!

Cooking Instructions
1. Cut the Melon into small pieces
2. Boil the Maize Kernels for 2 hours in a large pot
3. Add the Melon into the pot
4. Cook for an additional 30minutes
5. Mix the 2 ingredients continuously
6. Add Sugar (Optional)

Serve with Love!

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