Chef Mhle: An Empowered Village Girl in Love with Food & Cooking!

Mhlelusizo Ncube (known as Chef Mhle) is a passionate chef who is on a mission of changing and inspiring the African Food story. Chef Mhle is a YALI alumni, heads up Stir African Chefs and is part of the Domestic Workers Association of Zimbabwe. With an immense passion for training domestic workers on food-related issues, Che Mhle believes that food is an essential part of one’s identity and is inseparable from culture. Growing up in Kezi (98 km from the City of Bulawayo) and attending culinary school at Bulawayo Polytechnic, Chef Mhle developed her career in Cape Town, South Africa. This highly motivated Chef has travelled extensively across Southern Africa and is of the view that in terms of food and culture, Africans are more united than what meets the eye.

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