Cooking for an Adventure with Kaya’s Gogo…Plus Matobo Scenery Experience!!

A plate of $1 (USD) in Kaya’s Gogo (real name Sibongile Ushe) is a content creator and retired nurse. Her channel on YouTube seeks to change the narrative about the continent, bringing the world to Afrika through living on the continent, her travels, and interactions with this vast and beautiful continent. We manage to spend time with Kaya’s Gogo and get to cook a delicious that we carried to see the beautiful Matobo National Park. Additionally, we speak to Kaya’s Gogo life partner Zvidzai Ushe to discover the unique attributes of their 40-year-old union.

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Shoot Locations📍: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe🇿🇼 Matopo National Park, Zimbabwe🇿🇼

Cooked Meal 🍽: Sadza/Isitshwala with Umbhida/Muriwo/Kale and Chicken.

This video is dedicated to our dear brother and friend Clive Chigubu. Rest in Peace Mfowethu:…

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