How Social Media Is Affecting Our Relationship with Food

Social media has made it possible for people all over the world to interact and share their tales. Social media has allowed companies, filmmakers, and content providers to share personal experiences and offer some insights on how we see the world. Today, one may communicate with several people all across the world, which was unheard of 20 years ago. We have the entire world in our fingertips, but what has this meant for our relationship with food?

Overuse of social media and other screen-based media has led in a loss of what is referred to as “food consciousness.” Food awareness entails putting our thoughts on hold and developing a more intimate relationship with the food being prepared and consumed. Those are the few moments when the clutter in our minds and lives dissipates, allowing us to focus entirely on the meal at the table, resulting in a taste of conscious life. Someone from another planet would be astounded at how we place such a high value on gadgets above those who are near to us. We’ve accepted dining with our phones by our sides, driving, strolling, and waking up to check our Twitter feeds without greeting the next person as usual.

As more evidence emerges on the harmful effects of social media use in our life, particularly in connection to mental health, it is critical that we put our phones down when it comes to meals and other activities. We become more awake and alert to the present moment when we put our phones down and simply observe. We must constantly limit our technology usage as a generation with an overabundance of information. We must realise that we feel more alive when we can fully experience the taste and texture of our meal.

Social Media and Food

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