How To Make Umkumbi (Marula Beer)

Umkumbi also known as Ubuganu, Mokhophe, or Marula beer is a fermented beverage that is produced from the marula fruit (Amaganu). The making of Umkumbi is predominantly done under a marula tree and the beverage is used in communal activities that are known as Amalima. Amalima is farming and livestock initiatives spearheaded by a community to support one another. The expertise to brew the Marula beer is something that has been passed on from generation to generation.


Step 1 – Collect the marula fruits (you can collect the ripe yellow one’s or you can place the green marula in a sack and store for 2 days).

Step 2 – Wash in water

Step 3 – Using a spoon or a knife, peal the outer skin of the fruit.

Step 4 – Place the seeds in a pot or container (back in the day the clay pot was the most favoured container to brew Umkumbi).

Step 5 – Pour a reasonable amount of water above the seeds and then take Uphehlo (Wooden Mixer) and stir continuously.

Step 6 – After stirring, remove the seeds from the container. You can utilize a tree known as Umsehla – a beautiful indigenous tree in Zimbabwe (Muzeze, African-wattle) or any sieving instrument.

Step 7 – Close the container and leave to ferment overnight.

Step 8 – Add in more water to the mixture and close for an additional 2-3 days depending on the user’s preference.

Step 9 – Drink Umkumbi and Enjoy some incredible health benefits!

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