Magriza’s Porridge Guide | Isathiyane + 4 More Options

The first recipe my grandma taught us as children was how to make the ideal Ilambazi (Porridge). The cook had to put all of his or her effort and time into making sure that this dish didn’t lead to an Imboza (Badly cooked meal) since Magriza (Grandmother) would demand that this was the first meal of the day. To make one’s day as productive as possible, Magriza would highlight that the first meal of the day offered a crucial setting, therefore it was vital to be as exact and careful as possible.

She made us fall in love with these 5 options:

1. Isathiyane Option| Sorghum mixed with Milk of a cow that has started to breastfeed

2. Ilambazi Elimhlophe | Maize Meal Option

3. Uphoko Option | Finger Millet

4. Busika Option | Tamarind mixed with Pearl Millet

5. Baobab Option | Mixed with Pearl Millet

Welcome to the first meal of the day!

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