Magriza’s Ultimate Tuesday Lunch

The Zimbabwe tradition of vegetables boasts many important recipes such as Ulude (Nyevhe) with Isitshwala Samabele (Sorghum Sadza/Ugali) and regional delicacies such as Imbuya just to name a few. But in many farming fields you probably happened to see a plant that you might confuse for a weed. In this dish are all the scents of the Zimbabwean rainy season that dress this vegetable, partly cooked at medium heat to absorb the taste of the ground and become even more appetizing! There are countless versions of cooking this delicacy. Here’s ours, with Ulude, Sorghum, Tomatoes, Beef and delicious sorghum isitshwala!


Difficulty: Average

Prep Time: 45mins

Cook Time: 3 Hours

Serving: 4 people

Cost: Low

Note: Make sure you wash the Ulude thoroughly so as to remove the sand particles.

Add Ulaza (fresh cream) as an alternative to cooking oil.


500g of Ulude

3 Tomatoes

2 TBSP of Ulaza (Fresh Cream) of Olive/Cooking Oil

400g of Beef

COOKING – Wash the Ulude in Water for 3 times and proceed to chop into small pieces. Add in a pot and fill with a reasonable size of water (above the length of the vegetable) and cook on medium heat for 3 hours. Add in tomatoes and oil (or fresh cream) thereafter. – Bring the beef to boil for 15 minutes, then fry with minimal oil until the meat turns brown. – Prepare the Isitshwala/Sadza/Ugali by the side.

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