Sithandazile Dube Presents Her Favourite IsiNdebele Proverbs

In most African languages, proverbs are commonly used as a means of communication. Inability to grasp the intricacies and wisdom of African knowledge is sometimes linked with failure to grasp an African proverb. A proverb is a treasure mine of wisdom and philosophy interwoven with wit, eloquence, humour, and creative qualities in African cultures. In this video, poet, MC, actress, author, schoolteacher, and mother Sithandazile Dube showcases her favourite isiNdebele proverbs and their meanings.

Sithandazile Dube, also known as Um’Africakazi, feels that as a plus-size model, plus-size ladies have it all. Sithandazile’s proverbs signal that in the construction of visual narratives, the use of proverbs and metaphors is critical. The isiNdebele language and several other African languages contains several proverbs that act as catalysts for knowledge, wisdom, philosophy, ethics, and morality. It is impossible to emphasise the value of proverbs in chronicling African customs. Proverbs are abundant in African oral communication, and they are disseminated throughout the continent.

The wide universe of African proverbs and metaphors might be utilised in literary and visual communication in the future. There has been a deliberate effort to chronicle African proverbs and culture in order to ensure that traditions are recorded and, to some extent, preserved. As Sithandazile Dube notes, proverbs like as ‘Selidumela Emansumpeni’ demonstrate how African cultures and languages are rich in traditions and metaphors that may be successfully utilised in visual communication.

Sithandazile’s Favourite Proverbs:

1. Selidumela Emansumpeni

2. Isisu somhambi kasinganani singango phondo lwembuzi

3. Izandla ziyagezana

4. Amajodo awela abangelambiza

5. Umthwentwe uhlaba usamila

6. Imbuzi igudla iguma

7. Idlozi liyaphakelwa

8. Ugegelela imbuya wesaba ulude

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