What Are We Going To Teach Our Children?

In the Ndebele language (Zimbabwe), there is an important proverb that says, ‘Inyathi Ibuzwa Kwabaphambili’, which means wisdom is learnt or sought from the elders. Inyathi (buffalo) was chosen as an analogy of life and all the animals in the wild, the buffalo’s characteristics and sheer size serve well for this proverb. In this context, when you look at the modalities of life, the elderly people in our homes and community have a mechanism on how to relate well with the ‘buffalo’. Going forward, we as young people can tap into this incredible field of knowledge by taking our time to ask and learn from our elders. In this story, we get to explore whether we as young children we will be able to offer any meaningful advice and lessons to our children when life starts questioning them.


~ The birth of Aphile Mnqobi Mahlangu

~ Inyathi Ibuzwa Kwabaphambili

~ Indlela Ibuzwa Kwabaphambili

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