What To Do With 11 Hours in Luveve, Bulawayo!

Luveve is a residential suburb located 12 kilometers from Bulawayo’s core business centre. Colonel C.L. Carbutt, the Chief Native Commissioner, was the inspiration for the name of this district, which was founded in 1936. Carbutt was given the moniker Nomveve when working among the Zulu in South Africa, and this nickname was altered to Luveve when he landed in Matabeleland. Our Drone Videographer Ishmael Mkandla and Cinematographer Thembani Melusi Phakati take us on a tour of Luveve in this video to demonstrate what can be accomplished in 11 hours in this historic location.

The 11 Hour Guide:

1. Learn the History of the Place.

2. Take a walk on L-Street and Banda Square.

3. Visit Chigumira Shopping Centre.

4. Get Schooled on African Culture by Bekezela Dube.

5. Grab a bite by Samaz Butchery.

6. Take a Tour of Luveve Railway Line.

7. Take Pics by Calvin ‘Dat Luveve Boi’s’ mural.

8. Take a look at the Historic Luveve Beit Hall.

9. Watch a soccer match by Luveve Stadium.

10. Catch the sunset by Matsika Butchery.

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