Why Did You Forget Your Family’s History?

In 2006, songstress Thandiswa Mazwai released an album entitled Zabalaza, and within that collection, a mind-blowing track known as Nizalwa Ngobani? The singer asks us an important question on why we have forgotten about the people who gave birth to us. This question motivated presenter Prince Sivalo Mahlangu to discover more about his family history. A history about the Mahlangu family who trekked with King Mzilikazi in Ndubazi (present-day Mpumalanga, South Africa) to present-day Zimbabwe. The presenter further researched his family’s clan names and important ancestral knowledge.

In reference to Thandiswa’s question, why have we as Africans neglected and shunned our own family traditions and history? Why have we forgotten about the people who paved the way for us? So many factors undoubtedly come into play from spirituality, religion, and culture. It is, however, very crucial for the African child to be cognisant of their own history, and to discover where they come from. Prince’s discovery led him to appreciate the role his ancestors did for him and became proud of his family’s history.

We hope you’ll take some time to talk with your family and collect the stories and details from your ancestors’ lives. We hope this journey will help to inspire new researchers to start this journey and discover much more about their family lines.


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